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The CatEye Smash and Grab Vehicle Anti-Theft AlarmPerimeter Security module is the most effective car alarm solution for stopping car break-ins before any damage is done. Robbers and car thieves are repelled when they encounter the CatEye sonic car alarm system. 

This groundbreaking design uses an ear-piercing sonic beam to deliver an all-out assault on would-be car thieves’ ears. 


How does the CatEye sonic car alarm system force thieves out of your car? 

  • First, the auto theft prevention device is installed under the seat of your car or truck and armed by you when you exit the vehicle. 

  • The intruder enters your car or makes a smash and grab attempt, intent on making off with your valuables or your vehicle.

  • The CatEye Smash and Grab sonic car alarm detects a perimeter breach and delivers an excruciating sound cannon attack on the intruder.

  • At the same time, the CatEye sends a text message and email alert to you informing you of the break-in attempt. 

  • The intruder flees your car’s sonic attack before they can make off with your valuables or they stick around long enough to be caught by the authorities. 


The CatEye Smash and Grab Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm offers a simple design, equipped with a WiFi chip that automatically connects to any nearby WiFi signal, allowing the CatEye to send you a text and email alert and enabling a rapid response to protect your vehicle or fleet. 


This anti-car theft sonic protection device is a cost effective solution that can protect a fleet of trucks or a single vehicle. Unlike other costly solutions, the CatEye offers superior vehicle security on a budget and real-time alert messages to keep your automobiles secure. And it comes available with or without a 130db ear-piercing siren, depending on your security goals. 


Whether you own a single car, manage a small fleet, or run an expansive logistics operation, CatEye is your anti-truck theft and anti-car theft security solution! 


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CatEye Smash and Grab Vehicle Anti-Theft Alarm

SKU: 0019
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