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Don’t just prevent theft, give thieves a taste of their own medicine with the DyeDefender. This innovative lock anti-theft solution uses exploding blue dye to send would-be thieves running. 

The 7-foot long stainless steel hose barrier works to keep your valuable property where it belongs – right where you left it! The hose is filled with a pressurized blue-staining dye. While it secures your property with a similar style to a cable or chain lock, the DyeDefender is different – If a thief tries to cut the lock, they are met with a face full of blue dye. 

The DyeDefender’s appearance and yellow warning tag alone are enough to ward off most thieves, but if they feel like pushing their luck, they’ll meet a messy blue spray they won’t soon forget! In most cases the intimidating appearance of the DyeDefender is enough to just get them to go away in the first place. 

Due to its composite materials with a stainless steel outer barrier and rubber inner, a bolt cutter cannot cut the DyeDefender– it simply compresses the composite rubber material. This is where standard cable locks and chain locks fail since metal alone is a brittle material. 

Using any standard padlock or combination lock with a 38mm shackle height, the included shackle guard fasteners provide a tamper proof locking mechanism to prevent a thief from cutting the lock itself. The DyeDefender is a bulletproof solution with the following features:

  • Universal Design. Lightweight, low-profile, and flexible, the DyeDefender can bend and flex to secure any object. 

  • Explosive Protection. Bursts like a blue glitter bomb if cutting is attempted and ruins a thief's day! 

  • Heavy Duty. The automotive-grade stainless steel outer combined with inner rubber composite gives the DyeDefender tough cutting properties and is designed to survive in extreme environments. 

  • Quick Locking Security. It takes just 1-minute to secure the DyeDefender around your property and close the lock.  

  • Clear Warning Tag. A bright yellow warning tag is enough to send most thieves running, the dye is a last resort. 

The DyeDefender’s blue dye is made from organic compounds, meaning it poses no risk to the thief or any bystanders. Additionally, it will wash off any collateral surface over time. 

The DyeDefender is designed to ward off thieves, and the pressurized blue dye is only there as a last resort. Be sure that the yellow warning tag is clearly visible to warn thieves of the potential consequences of cutting the pressurized tube.

DyeDefender - Exploding Dye Lock - 7ft Long

SKU: 0018
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